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Your Dear Menopause Host

Sonya Lovell Dear Menopause Host


Dear Menopause is hosted by Sonya Lovell. Sonya is a Personal Trainer with over 13 years experience, turned Menopause Mentor, Advocate and Story Teller.

She's also a Breast Cancer survivor who experienced the chaos of surgical/induced menopause, when she was 47. Obsessed with helping and supporting women navigate their way through perimenopause and menopause, she leans heavily into her lived experience of being unsupported, unprepared and seriously under educated through her own menopause.

A lover of chocolate, a soak in the bath and a good Netflix series (often enjoyed together), Sonya's laugh lingers long after she's left the room. Her school reports made more reference to her ability to talk than her academic achievements and she's a living example of the little girl who was always told she was bossy, when she's simply a natural born leader and podcast host.