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May 5, 2022

Kylie Patchett: Perimenopause, body image and radiance.

Do you want to take away the guess work of perimenopause and menopause, save yourself time and energy and ditch the shame? Working with me you learn what's happening to you physically, mentally and emotionally, why and what you can do about it. Go to to find out more.

Today's episode is a juicy and very open conversation with my guest Kylie Patchett.

You are going to love this chat where we dig into Kylie's own perimenopause experience and have a beautifully open and juicy conversation about body image, diet culture and Kylie's realisation that her body wasn't broken and in need of being fixed.


Kylie is a two time best-selling author, certified holistic health, NLP and EFT practitioner. Originally working as a Msc Forensic Biologist, Kylie has spent the past 20+ years coaching, leading and mentoring in the scientific, health and wellbeing fields.

Today, working as a Transformational Life Coach, she helps her clients to embrace a midlife metamorphosis… a time of life to be savored and celebrated, a time to reflect and honour the hard-won lessons.

Stuff we spoke about:

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Where to find Sonya:
Take the Midlife Quiz
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