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Sept. 29, 2022

Luan Lawrenson-Woods: Breast Reconstruction Awareness with BRA-va Art

Luan Lawrenson-Woods is my guest to chat about a first-of-its-kind Instagram campaign being launched to raise awareness for BRA Day 2022 (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day).

The campaign, created by Luan, aims to raise awareness of breast reconstruction options and promote BRA Day on October 19.

Luan is encouraging people to use Strava (the free digital exercise app) to exercise along a route, making GPS ‘art’ - known as Strava Art - that visually represents BRA Day and share it with the official BRA-va Art Instagram account.

This is the first time in Australia that Strava Art has been used in this way and Luan is so excited about the possibilities it presents to pave the way for growing the campaign in future years.

Luan's  website:
Luan's Instagram:  @luanlawriewoods
BRA Day website:
BRA-va Art Instagram @bravaartofficial

Share your BRA-va ART using: #braday2022 #bravaart @bravaartofficial

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